Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 7amp

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The BT-12V-7AF2 is a 12 volt, 7 amp sealed lead acid, non-spillable, rechargeable battery. This battery is typically used as a replacement battery in UPS systems, security alarm systems or security lighting applications.



Physical Characteristics
TypeUPS Replacement
Terminal Type F2
Tab Size 0.25 inch
Container Material ABS(UL-94HB)
Length2.6 inches [65mm]
Width6 inches [151mm]
Height3.7 inches [94mm]
Operating Temperature 25±3℃ (77±5℉ )
Compatible Terminal Adapter
BT-ADT2T1Battery terminal adapter F2 female (0.25”) to F1 male (0.1875”)
Internal Resistance Approx.20mΩ
Max. Discharge Current 112.5A(5S)
Rated Capacity 7.00AH (20hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
6.70AH (10hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
6.27AH (5hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
5.49AH (3hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
4.17AH (1hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
Cycle Use Charge Current Less Than 0.25CA
14.1V~14.7V@25℃(77℉)Temp. Coefficient -30mV/℃
Floating Use No limit on Initial Charging Current Voltage
13.5V~13.8V@25℃(77℉)Temp. Coefficient -20mV/℃
Capacity affected by
40°C 103%
25°C 100%
0°C 86%
-15°C 65%
Self-discharge 3 month Remaining capacity: 91%
6 month Remaining capacity:82%
12 month Remaining capacity:65%
Packaging Information
Product Weight4.74 lbs [2.15kg]
Warranty Information
Warranty6 Months
Compatibility Information
Model Number APC Smart-UPS SP500DR
APC Smart-UPS AP280
APC Smart-UPS AP330
APC Smart-UPS AP360
APC Smart-UPS 550 ES
Belkin UPS F6C225-USB
Belkin UPS F6C250-USB
Belkin UPS F6C325-SER
Belkin UPS F6C350-USB
Belkin UPS F6C425
Belkin UPS F6C425-SER
Belkin UPS F6C500-USB
Belkin UPS F6C525
Belkin UPS F6C625
Belkin UPS F6C650
Belkin UPS F6C650-USB
Belkin UPS F6C750-AVR
Exide NetUPS 450
Powerware UPS 3105-700
Powerware UPS 3110-550
Powerware UPS 3110-700
Powerware UPS 3115-300
Powerware UPS 3115-420
Powerware UPS 5105-450
Powerware UPS 5110-700
Tripp-Lite Office UPS BC300
Tripp-Lite Office UPS BC400 STANDBY
Tripp-Lite Office UPS BC420
Tripp-Lite Office UPS BC450
Tripp-Lite Office UPS BC500 Internet
Tripp-Lite Office UPS BC500 LAN
Tripp-Lite Office UPS OFFICE 500
Tripp-Lite Omni UPS OMNISMART 450
Tripp-Lite Smart UPS SMART 400
Tripp-Lite Smart UPS SMART 500
Been using these batts for many years. Zero problems. Great company.
Super quick service, better price with shipping than the big battery distributors.
Battery fits and works perfectly.
Exactly as advertised, reasonable priced. Fit and works correctly.
I've relied on SLA batteries from Infinite for many years and have not had any issues with them. The process of ordering is very easy and the staff are pleasant and helpful!
Bought it as a replacement battery for a APC UPS (ES 550) and it seems to be working fine (2 weeks). I'll try to remember to update this review (if that's even possible) to confirm it's long-term reliability.
We appreciate your feedback and we will add the info to all our SLA batteries.
Please see P/N below for the adapter we have in stock
"BT-ADT2T1 | Battery Terminal Adapter F2 Female to F1 Male"
Should specify the size of the terminals, I need to buy the adapter for my security system. But the product is good.
I replace my UPS batteries every 2 years. For the past 4 years or so I've purchased my batteries at Infinite Cables. Service has always been stellar (fast and efficient). They take my old batteries for recycling. The new batteries fit and work as they should and the price is always reasonable.
Fits perfectly in my APC Back-UPS CS 350. Significantly less expensive than elsewhere. Ready for pickup within one day of ordering.
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